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Our Team

We are proud to have a staff of true passion for dance teaching at Academy of Dance. They bring their unparalleled experience and vision into every class, sharing their love of dance with their students. Learn more about some of our staff below.

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Tamala Taylor


Tamala has an intense passion toward the art of dance and choreography. Tamala’s students have performed and competed throughout Ohio and Dance Masters of America Nationals. She has had the pleasure to have taught scholarship classes for Ohio Dance Masters and Ohio Cecchetti Committee. Tamala has also taught summer workshop classes at other studios. Tamala is a member of Ohio Dance Masters and Dance Masters of America for 40 years. Furthermore, Tamala is currently serving on the Executive Ohio Dance Masters Board, which Tamala currently serves as a Past President and is head of the Auditing committee, Co-Chairs the Bylaw Committee, and serves as Parliamentarian. Tamala has been a member of Cecchetti Council of America and Ohio for 31 years, where she holds the position of Acting Recording Secretary for the Ohio Committee. Tamala takes pride in preparing her students for the CCA ballet exams.


Maddie Gumber


Maddie Gumber has been a part of The Academy of Dance since she was 4 years old, first as a student and now as an instructor. Maddie is a certified member of both The Cecchetti Council of Ohio and Ohio Dance Masters. She just recently graduated with her Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and hopes to spend her time away from the studio as a teacher. Maddie is also a member of the Wayne County Performing Arts Council and choreographs for their annual summer youth musical. 

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Abby Shaw


Abby has trained in the competitive dance industry. She attained her Bachelor's of Fine Arts while interning with Verb Ballet, S.A.F.E. Project, and Ballet X's Chloe Felesina. Her commercial work includes being a company dancer for Matt Davenport Productions, The Smokey Mountain Opry alongside Chris Blue (season 12 winner of The Voice), and Cedar Point's Luminosity. She graduated from Broadway Dance Center's Professional Semester in NYC with a choreographed for dance studios across Northeast Ohio. Abby is a member of Ohio Dance Masters and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree.

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